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Decisions involving children are some the most difficult topics that must be addressed in a divorce. Because the outcomes of these child-related matters are so important, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. At The LaVergne Law Group, we provide you with the powerful representation that you need when dealing with child support and child custody matters. Our years of experience and insightful negotiation techniques allow us to be the strong, trusted advocates who can guide you through the divorce process.

Child Support and Custody Representation Centered on You

At our firm, attorney Malcolm LaVergne gives you the personal attention and individualized advice that your child support, visitation or custody case needs. He takes the time to carefully assess your situation, and to take you step by step through all of your legal options. Mr. LaVergne is well-equipped to represent clients both in negotiation and, if necessary, in divorce court.

Some of the things that you should know about divorce in Nevada include:

  • If appropriate for your situation, you and your lawyer should try and settle your custody and support issues with your ex-spouse before trial. This allows you and your former spouse to remain in control of the process — if your case goes to trial, a judge will take that control away and make the decisions for you.
  • Nevada divorce law is constantly changing. Mr. LaVergne has a deep understanding of these recent developments and knows how they impact issues such as joint physical custody and child support.
  • The initial hearing, where issues such as temporary custody and temporary child support are decided, is one of the most important stages of a divorce. The judge’s rulings from this hearing are difficult to overturn later, so you need a seasoned trial lawyer on your side at this hearing.

Relocation of a child can become an issue after a divorce is finalized. You should get an attorney involved as soon as possible either for help relocating or to prevent your ex-spouse from moving your child.

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We serve as the assertive advocates that you need when faced with issues involving child support and custody. To schedule an initial consultation with a Las Vegas child custody attorney, contact us online or by calling 702-545-6758.