Las Vegas Business Litigation and Dispute Attorney

Strategic Commercial Litigation Representation for Your Business

Without a carefully devised strategy, business litigation can become very expensive and take years to resolve. At The LaVergne Law Group, we understand this and craft litigation plans that are designed to resolve disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Attorney Malcolm LaVergne uses his immense knowledge of courtroom procedure and well-honed litigation skills to assist clients both at trial and on appeal. His years of legal practice and experience with high-profile cases have greatly increased his ability to provide powerful representation to clients facing even the most complex business law matters. Mr. LaVergne is able to use his experience to create litigation plans at the outset of a case, so that there are no unexpected surprises that send costs spiraling out of control.

Mr. LaVergne is able to help business clients with all general business disputes, and provides individually crafted advice based on your business’ legal needs. He also assists with litigation related to issues such as:

  • Payment disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Business dissolution
  • Defamation
  • Breach of contract
  • Tortious interference with business relations
  • Breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing
  • The Uniform Commercial Code

For these and all other business law issues, we offer our skilled representation at a reasonable price. We work closely with companies to make sure they get the legal services they need without destroying their bottom line.

Contact a Nevada Small Business Dispute and Litigation Lawyer Handling Breach of Contracts

The LaVergne Law Group offers legal representation to clients in Nevada, New York and Texas that is defined by excellence and experience. We serve as the strong advocate that your business needs to handle difficult legal issues. To schedule an initial consultation with a Las Vegas business litigation attorney, contact us online or by calling 702-545-6758.